For the first time, top medical journals endorse Joe Biden and call to Oust Donald Trump

Recently, because of President Trump and his Administration’s approach to the Covid-19 pandemic, for the first time, many top medical journals have decided to endorse Joe Biden and oust Donald Trump.

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The New England Journal of Medicine states in an editorial calls on US citizens to toss the president out of office. It is the first time that a prestigious medical journal has spoken so strongly against a U.S. presidential candidate since it was established in 1812.

In a pressing and energetic editorial by the Scientific American endorsed VP Joe Biden, stating that he is offering fact-based plans to ensure our wellbeing, our economy, and the climate.

The Lancet Oncology for the first time supports a U.S. presidential candidate in its editorial. In October 1 article, the editorial board of Lancet composed that it fully supports Joe Biden in light of the fact that he is “the only candidate who is giving importance to health care as a basic human right, instead of another business opportunity.”

At no other time have any medical editorial journal has collectively stood a stand political issues, especially on presidential elections. The Covid-19, which has now killed more than 211,000 Americans, completely transformed that. Wednesday’s article contended that politicians had the chance to restrict the infection’s spread and forestall boundless disease, passing, and economic crisis. The United States is on the number one spot in Covid-19 cases, The New England Journal of Medicine editorial stated.

Biden’s longstanding promotion for cancer research and care played a vital role in The Lancet Oncology’s decision to support him over President Trump.

Since coronavirus cases started springing up; the result of the political race will have exceptionally critical ramifications for the condition of disease care just as medical services all the more comprehensively in the United States.

The editors of NEJM criticize Trump’s administration for a terrible disappointment in tackling the spread of the pandemic and prioritizing politics over more safe medical guidance.

The article titled “Passing on in a Leadership Vacuum” doesn’t make reference to President Trump or his Democratic adversary, Joe Biden, by name. Yet, it criticizes the Trump government consistently and citing the news stories about Trump stating that the Covid-19 pandemic was an exaggeration, constraining government researchers, and politicizing the quest for a vaccine.

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