Lebanon’s caretaker PM Hassan Diab questions the Beirut port explosion investigation

Lebanon’s caretaker PM Hassan Diab: An investigation into the massive blast at Beirut’s port started soon after it shook the site, leaving more than 200 dead and decimating the Lebanese capital, the caretaker PM Hassan Diab stated on Tuesday, CNN reported.

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Diab, who quit as PM in the wake of the port blast on August 4, however, continued as caretaker Prime Minister, asserted that the night before the explosion happened he assigned the nation’s justice minister and public works minister to examine around 2,750 ton of chemical substance that landed on a ship in the city, 2013.

“The FBI report uncovered that 500-ton ammonium nitrate was utilized in the blast,” “Where did the 2,200 tons go?” Diab asked.

Almost after five months of the explosion, minimal light has been shed on the situation that led to the massive destruction, which is generally blamed on many years of carelessness and defilement by the nation’s ruling elite leaders.

Reports sent to the ministries as part of the investigation clarified that ammonium nitrate could be very dangerous. It also cautioned that “setting it on fire will cause a huge blast and result in complete obliteration of the port”.

In any event, 204 individuals were killed, and thousands more were harmed in the blast that tore through the Lebanese capital. Massive damage occurred due to the blast at Beirut’s central and eastern region, uprooting more than 300,000 people from their houses.

PM Diab has been accused of criminal negligence as part of the investigation. He completely denied the charges and stated that he has been singled out despite the explosive substance was stored for six years at the Beirut port.

Diab asked Inquiry must be made on who brought the Vessel? Who owns and paid for it? and he refused to be questioned by the judge heading the probe as it lacks a constitutional basis.

During the probe around 25 suspects were arrested, including the chief of the Beirut port and its customs head, however not a single politician.

However, there was a delay in the probe as it got suspended after two of the former-ministers requested the removal of the judge from the trial.

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