Why America Is Better Off Without Trump Altogether

As Donald Trump comes to know that he is not to resume office in the next session, he seems to have disappeared from the scene altogether. The result is that people have been left stranded without any solid leadership, at a time when America is seeing its worst case of medical catastrophe. The corona virus numbers continue to swell and there is no respite for the American public.

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The elect president Joe Biden is trying to set his stage and agenda as he takes over office at the White House. But meanwhile, the helm should have been held by Donald Trump, who seems to have out of sight and thinking of how to secure his own political fate. He did not seem to have addressed the nation after the daily toll of affected people rose to 2,879 deaths. Till last week, confirmed cases numbered 217,664 and over 100,000hospitalizations.

Sources confirm that Trump indeed has busied himself fundraising for his future political endeavours and happily also sowing seeds of doubt in the country’s democratic foundations. It is sad to see that indeed the American people had been fooled in selecting someone so spineless and selfish as Donald Trump, whose Trump’s Twitter feed, meanwhile, has focused almost entirely on making wild, false accusations of electoral fraud.

It is so surprise that, like a spoilt child, Trump has been speaking of Biden getting the credit for the vaccine dissemination that starts after the latter takes office in January. The attitude is completely unfit for a leader of a nation and his approach is shameful.

Trump continues on his campaigns, throwing caution to wind and mocking fellow White House officials for using common sense approach to maintain hygiene and social distancing protocols.

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