Why Swedix Might Be The Next Threat For EU To Face

A Swedix movement was underway already in Sweden as the scene was heating us for a Brexit. Sweden does not want to be a part of the European Union (EU) in case they decide to go through with the exit of Britain. But that already happened and now the Brexit is almost done with a free trade agreement being put in place.

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In 2016, two months before the UK voted to leave the EU, a poll in Sweden showed that Brexit could inspire the country and that 36 percent of the country wanted to follow suite.

The fact that Sweden in a non-Eurozone country gives it enough reasons to feel lonely once UK left, as the exit adversely affects its economy too.

An analysis by VoteWatchEurope shows that with Britain exiting, the biggest individual losers would be Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, who are the UK’s “closest allies” in the Council.

Sweden has felt let down because it feels it will get nothing in return even if goes out of its way to help the other EU nations. In November too, a public poll showed that Swedish nationals were not in favour of siding with the European Union as Brexit was coming through. The proportion of Swedes in favour of EU membership declined to 57.2 percent in a survey by Statistics Sweden, from 60.1 percent.

The momentum is catching up for Spain as well. Critics feel that with Britain exit, many are going to see through the truth. In addition, over a period, EU has not been meeting the needs of its inhabitants. The general thought is that those in the same boat, might be better off supporting each other. These include countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Sweden and the Faroe Islands –they also have a lot of history together.

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